Celebrating Our Partners

Thanks to the generosity and commitment from these partners, Kansas City Startup Foundation is able to continue bringing you the stories, experiences, and opportunities that keep startups connected and engaged.

From the bottom of our hearts ... thank you!

Affinity Worldwide is a family of companies and 50+ operating divisions spanning a broad spectrum of industries. We are real estate investors who established strong roots in the REI industry by becoming the premier provider of insurance, services, publishing and resources for investors. Because our organization thrives on entrepreneurial spirit, along the way, we’ve built Affinity Worldwide to include businesses that share that same drive and desire to deliver the best. Our portfolio of brands now spans industries including real estate, investing, insurance, publishing, event production, marketing, digital design & development.

The Kauffman Foundation is among the largest private foundations in the United States with an asset base of approximately $2 billion. We strive to have a national impact and global reach by working together with communities around the country to create opportunities and connect people to the tools they need to shape their futures and be successful.