Matthew Marcus

Kansas City Startup Foundation

Computer programming for the better part of 20 years, Matthew Marcus eventually came to realize that it was time to move onto new pastures. Venturing into the startup world was the first step. He has been blessed to have been the CTO and co-founder for KULA Causes, the COO and co-founder of / Local Ruckus, and now the CEO and co-founder for 1 Minute Candidate (his side hustle).

As part of his community building efforts, Matthew is the Director of Engagement for the Kansas City Startup Foundation (KCSF) and co-leader of the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV).

One role he plans to continue for the long haul is being a student of life. Matthew is always ready and willing to learn. There are so many exciting things to discover, and he continually finds there are not enough hours in the day. His ultimate goal is to become a startup adviser, entrepreneur mentor, angel investor and professional philanthropist with a mission of helping to make the world a better place before his days are done.


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