Darcy Howe

KCRise Fund

Darcy Howe

Darcy is the Managing Director for the KCRise Fund. She is a board director, and trusted advisor who leverages personal experience as a senior executive, angel investor and business leader to advise companies in capital markets, private equity, expansion, branding, strategic planning, change management, and philanthropic planning.

A passionate capital formation advocate, Darcy creates connectivity between early-stage businesses and investors.

Darcy is decisive, authentic, and a collegial leader who builds consensus, brings together disparate groups, and enjoys connecting individuals to create alliances. She partners with senior business leadership to define strategic direction, company/shareholder goals, and develop the blueprint to achieve objectives including immediate and long-term growth, acquisition, or exit. By employing a rigorous understanding of critical business drivers, Darcy is able to identify and address gaps in strategy and execution.

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